Our pipes were designed from the ground up in a new, unique way.
Regardless of your intent, we are positive you will enjoy whatever organic matter you choose to fill your bowl with.
We have taken great time to go through tests and ensure that our pipes meet the discerning needs of our customers.
Key Features:
– comfortable ergonomic grip and balanced weight.
– Removable plug for easy access cleaning.
-Plug has a smaller plug for access to choke hole if one is so desired.
– No synthetic gasket design, all natural materials.
– No harshness of the pull! – We pride ourselves on this particular redesign of the pipe interior to significantly reduce the discomfort that some experience. Utilizing atmospheric compression under Boyle’s law; the smoke has time to cool down and absorb the natural flavours of the locally sourced, untreated wood before it hits your mouth. 
– Entirely unique! Each pipe comes out a little bit different and gets a wooden spout to match its aesthetic. 
Due to the complex variety of the options we have available for the pipe an ordering system is in the works, however for now if you would like to order a pipe or inquire about our current stock please send us a message or DM on instagram.



Chakte-kok accent with Spalted Maple stem.
Cherry stem with Wenge accent