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Bad Llama Forge is run by Steve Cornelsen out of Caledon Ontario in Canada.

Steve collaborates with numerous throwers affiliated with both the WATL and IATF, crafting bespoke axes that adhere to the current league regulations when ordered. As a certified WATL judge, Steve ensures the precision and compliance of each axe, providing you with the confidence to order one for league competitions or outdoor excursions. Now, turning a wider focus on knife work; Bad Llama Forge expands its expertise to offer finely crafted knives alongside its axes, ensuring that you’re well-equipped, full stop.

Check out his work. If you like what he does and would like a Bad Llama piece, send a message to Steve@badllamaforge.com He would be more than happy to try and make your day!

About the Llama

There is a Llama on site. His name is Llouie. 

He likes to go inside the workshop, he does not take “no” for an answer, he has an attitude. He is a bad llama. A nice bad llama.

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Our work

Any available work can be purchased through our shop section (Stock dropping Early Jan) 

Check out our Instagram for a peek at availability before it drops to the shop!


Bad Llama Forge has expanded its knife work and is now offering more variety. Thanks for your patience as we took the time to ensure we would consistently deliver a product we can be proud of!


Armour orders – Closed

This is part of our history that brought us in to Blacksmithing, but sadly we will not be focusing on armour production regularly anymor, if we do, it will be as a labour of love.

If you feel you have a project that you would like us to handle please send us an email. 


Hand forged bowls. combined with a hand carved spout mixing hardwood with some exotic hardwood accents. 

Made with non-toxic,  foodsafe materials only!


While most of our axes are made with the intent to go to a WATL or IATF match. We are confident that our axes can be relied on whilst in the bush just as much as they can when you’re going for that clutch shot tie breaker.