About the Maker

Welcome to Bad Llama Forge, I’m Steve Cornelsen The smith behind the anvil; a blacksmith and bladesmith based out of Caledon, Ontario, Canada. My journey in blacksmithing began during my high school years. during said years, I developed skills and explored the world of forging. It wasn’t until 2018 that a shift occurred, marking a turning point: I discovered my fascination for crafting knives; Which eventually evolved into a deep obsession, drawing me into the intricate world of Japanese cutlery.

In 2022, I made a decision to become more serious and took a step to further elevate my skills and understanding. I had the privilege of studying under Rick Marchand of Wildertools, delving into an intensive immersion of knife making and metallurgy. This invaluable experience has become the foundation for delivering an new level of quality that is being applied to every creation at Bad Llama Forge.

In 2023, I embarked on a knife pilgrimage through central Japan, diving into the intricate realm of Japanese cutlery. This journey offered me the extraordinary opportunity to meet and learn from many prolific Japanese makers, allowing me to observe their techniques and enabling me to infuse a deeper authenticity into my craft.

Steve demonstrating a knife build at CanIron 2023.
Steve operates a traditional Japanese charcoal forge in Kameoka, north of Kyoto.

From the careful strokes of the hammer to the delicate employment of traditional and modern techniques, every creation stands as a testament to my continuous growth in the craft. I invite you to explore my portfolio, not as a showcase of expertise, but as an observer towards a humble maker’s dedication to refining their art. Thank you for joining me on my journey at Bad Llama Forge, where every piece is not just a step forward, or a learning experience forged in steel; but functional art.

Rick Marchand of Wilder Tools and Steve of Bad Llama Forge.
The Bad Llama Forge table at the 2023 Great Lakes Custom Knife Show.